Welcome to Farrah’s fitness blog! I will be your personal trainer, and blog about exercises, and ways to stay fit! I will write about correct form of exercises, because this is important when avoiding an injury. If you stick with me, you will be fit in no time! Here is my YouTube channel!


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The Benefits of Healthy Food!

Many people don’t realize the importance of eating healthy, and getting all nutrients needed for your body on a daily basis. It is important to keep your body in shape, and fit. To do this, one way is eating healthy. Food is the medicine for your body. Without it, our bodies would not work properly.Continue reading “The Benefits of Healthy Food!”

Burn 200-300 Calories!

Try this quick, intense workout to burn 200-300 Calories! In my YouTube channel, I have many videos similar to this one. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel!!

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